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Today is my 14th month anniversary with my beloved angel Jamie Elkhoury. She is everything to me and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. We have had our ups and downs like everyone else. Soon I will marry her. We will be together forever and past that. I hope she knows how prefect she is. My little angel. (: I love you so much, forever and on. My wife jamie Akiu <3 so gorgeous, so sweet with a smile to light this world. You’re mine and only mine <3 I remember meeting you when we were both just fifteen years old and I don’t regret anything that led us to meet each other. Even though we’re 1000 miles apart, I’ve never felt so close at heart(: 


All that goes to my school are fake ass kids. Here’s two examples: 

My friend: “I like your shirt!” Kid with Led Zeppelin Shirt: “I don’t know who they are.” 

Friend #2: “Dude you liek Ozzy?!” Kid with Ozzy shirt: “Who is Ozzy?”

All these kids wear band shirts know shit about the bands, they just wear it to look cool and fit in. This kid who hates Metal is now wearing a Pantera shirt? It’s so fucking sickening for us kids who actually love metal and it means so much too us. Now these kids who used to talk shit to us are following us for the scene. In 8th grade they’d say: “Look at the fag with the skinny jeans and long hair. You look like a girl.” Now in high school that’s all they look like. They’re all pieces of shit. 

As a wise band once said: “Stick to Hip Hop scene; this is hardcore!” 

Of course I was discussing Metal, but in really it applies to all. 

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